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Knowledge is Power: Gaining Leverage in OCIO Fee Discussions

The rapidly growing OCIO marketplace offers a compelling opportunity for asset managers to rapidly grow their AUM. Unfortunately, many OCIOs are asking for substantial fee discounts as part of these new relationships. A striking lack of transparency surrounding OCIO fees is causing managers to carefully consider how they engage. In this webinar we discuss approaches asset managers can use to help navigate these relationships to profitably grow their OCIO business.


Amanda Tepper, CEO
Chestnut Advisory Group

Andrea McAndrew, Consultant & Research Analyst
Fiduciary Investment Advisors, LLC

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Getting Heard: Best Practices for Asset Managers – 4/18/18 Webinar

As communications channels multiply, the marketplace of ideas has become more noisy and less efficient and effective. This webinar discusses the best practices for getting your carefully crafted message through to your target investors.


Amanda Tepper, CEO
Chestnut Advisory Group

Peter Hans, CEO

Getting Heard: How to Ensure Investors Actually Hear Your Message

After spending enormous resources crafting a message designed to resonate with investors, managers face a second hurdle: getting their message heard. Although investors tell us they feel overwhelmed with information, our research shows that few manager messages reach their targets as intended. We’ve identified the best approach to ensure investors actually hear what you have to say.

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Maximizing the OCIO Growth Opportunity

The rapidly evolving OCIO market has created new opportunities and risks for asset managers. We spoke with leading industry experts to help identify the best way for managers to make the most of this growing opportunity.

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The Big Fee Mistake Institutional Investors Are Making

Investors aggressively negotiate fees when they sign on with a manager — but afterwards fully half fail to track whether these pricing arrangements are working in their favor, a new survey from Chestnut Advisory Group shows.

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Delivering Investor Pleasing Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are among the most important conversations an asset manager has with their investors. Based on our extensive research, we’ve outlined the hallmarks of a superb performance review that you can use every quarter from now on, whether you’ve outperformed or not.

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Investors to Managers: Cut the Data and Tell Me the Story!

Pension funds, endowments, and other institutional investors say asset managers say asset managers often muddy quarterly performance reviews with too much data, according to a recent study by Chestnut Advisory Group.

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Managers Should Reassess Fee Structures Annually with Clients

In an exclusive interview with Fundfire, Chestnut CEO Amanda Tepper advises managers with institutional investors to have an annual value proposition discussion to assess fees.

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Consultants Dive Past Lead PMs to Scrutinize Analysts

How managers can gain the blessing of consultants by optimally preparing and positioning themselves for the manager screening process, according to new research from Chestnut Advisory Group.

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What Consultants Really Want

Our latest research reveals that trust and understanding drive consultant recommendations. Asset managers must create a world class investor communications effort to gain that trust.

We’ve outlined just what types of communications consultants are looking for from asset managers’ and how you can best position your firm for success.









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Looking For New Managers? Don’t Pick ‘Winners’

FundFire published an article highlighting a new study showing that currently underperforming asset managers deliver stronger future performance than those currently shooting the lights out. When asked how managers with recent weak performance can make a strong case for new capital, our CEO repeated the same advice we’ve been giving managers since our founding, supported by proprietary research published in our very first whitepaper.

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Fees and Investors: Don’t Sell Your Firm Short

Our latest research among institutional investors reveals that once hired, asset managers go silent on fees; most investors also lose focus on this important topic. Investors’ resulting ignorance about their managers’ value proposition leaves managers vulnerable to misunderstanding that can lead to termination.










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Great Thought Leadership

Asset managers are increasingly inundating allocators with thought leadership in hopes of growing their business. Allocators tell us most of these ‘insights’ are not helpful. To determine the key elements of truly great thought leadership we conducted research among over 100 institutional investors and consultants, as well as over 50 asset managers.

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Best Practices For Putting Your Fund In (Or Staying Out Of) The Headlines


Our research shows that investors want to hear from their asset managers when there is any kind of news. Our experience, however, shows that when an asset manager is under deep public scrutiny all their carefully crafted messages usually fly out the window.  In a separate article we analyze the latest evidence that global hedge fund assets are becoming increasingly concentrated among a small group of firms and give recommendations for actions smaller firms can take to buck that trend.

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Your Performance Doesn’t Really Matter

We wanted to understand why the biggest managers keep gaining market share from everyone else. So we reviewed investment performance and asset flow data for 931 asset managers over seven years, and conducted a survey of institutional investors controlling $429 billion of capital.  The surprising answers are detailed in this white paper.

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Investor Education Efforts Yield Top Grades for Hedge Funds


Institutional Investor’s Alpha latest hedge fund report card highlights how investors are increasingly rewarding hedge funds that pay close attention to investors’ concerns. In a separate article, we detail our research showing that manager databases have become so important that they are now a critical component of brand building for asset managers.


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Redefining Investor Education

Chestnut CEO Amanda Tepper moderated this dynamic discussion with funds and industry experts that have proven successful in growing investor trust, strong brands and AUM.

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How PIMCO Handled An Investor Education Challenge in the Best Possible Way

Our two key stories in this issue include a case study of how an asset manager (PIMCO) handled an investor communications challenge in the best possible way, and the latest marketplace evidence that investment performance does not drive asset flows.


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Why Trust and Communication Trump Performance

The biggest hedge funds are getting bigger every year, while smaller funds are finding it more and more difficult to attract and retain investors. To determine the reason for this market share shift, Chestnut reviewed performance and net asset flow data for over 900 managers over the last seven years.


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Manager Clarity Key for Raising and Retaining Capital

Communication with investors can help managers overcome weak performance when raising capital and suppressing outflows, according to a study by Chestnut Advisory Group.

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