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Redefining Investor Education

Chestnut CEO Amanda Tepper moderated this dynamic discussion with funds and industry experts that have proven successful in growing investor trust, strong brands and AUM.

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How PIMCO Handled An Investor Education Challenge in the Best Possible Way

Our two key stories in this issue include a case study of how an asset manager (PIMCO) handled an investor communications challenge in the best possible way, and the latest marketplace evidence that investment performance does not drive asset flows.


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Why Trust and Communication Trump Performance

The biggest hedge funds are getting bigger every year, while smaller funds are finding it more and more difficult to attract and retain investors. To determine the reason for this market share shift, Chestnut reviewed performance and net asset flow data for over 900 managers over the last seven years.


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Manager Clarity Key for Raising and Retaining Capital

Communication with investors can help managers overcome weak performance when raising capital and suppressing outflows, according to a study by Chestnut Advisory Group.

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How To Go From Rock Radio To Wall Street

An overview of Amanda’s career and business philosophy, from rock and roll to Wall Street.


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Investment Performance Alone Does Not Drive Asset Flows…So What Does?

So what does? ‘Great Investor Relations,’ suggests a new white paper.


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Fund Managers: Turning Investor Education Into Big Bucks

The conventional wisdom for fund managers is starting to look a little bit stodgy and a lot less wise. Welcome to the new world of investor relations for alternative funds.


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Asset Managers That ‘Get’ IR Raise More Funds

Ninety-two percent of investors surveyed say IR is integral to an asset manager’s mission.

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Survey Says: It’s All About Trust

Chuck Jaffe interviews Chestnut CEO Amanda Tepper.
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