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Useful Thought Leadership Key to Winning Mandates: Study

May 2, 2017 /Fundfire/ — Asset Managers hungry for business should improve their thought leadership efforts to sway consultants and win or retain business from institutional investors, according to new Chestnut Advisory Group research.

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Pimco Strongly Outperforms Peers, Suffers Capital Outflows Anyway. Another Example of Why Your Performance Doesn’t Really Matter.

Pimco’s Total Return Fund has suffered continuous outflows since the sudden departure of Bill Gross in September 2014 despite strong performance. Previously, Pimco overall had strong net capital flows at the firm despite historically poor performance at its flagship fund (as we discussed in our January 2015 Investors’ Temperature). Pimco’s experience during both these periods illustrates Chestnut’s bedrock belief, backed by our market research: investor trust, not manager performance, is the primary driver of net asset flows.

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Raising Capital in a Tough Environment

Chestnut CEO Amanda Tepper moderates a panel of leading hedge fund marketers discussing current hurdles to asset raising and industry best practices.

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Amanda Tepper named to 100 Women in Hedge Fund Advisory Council

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Trust, But Verify: Best Practices for Communicating About Operating Risk


Our research shows that highly trusted asset managers raise more assets more quickly, and retain their assets longer, than other managers. Building and maintaining that trust, however, is not easy. When it comes to verifying and monitoring the status of asset managers’ operations, the due diligence process is becoming increasingly onerous for everyone involved. New tools providing investors a live database of key operating risk factors are an excellent solution, and we expect early asset manager adopters of these systems to gain market share as a result.


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Is the Black-Box Hedge Fund Model Doomed?