How Chestnut Provides High Impact Investor Education to Asset Managers

Chestnut’s Investor Education Programs Drive Asset Flows

To drive asset flows and retain clients, asset managers need strong investor relations.  Before the financial crisis, performance was everything. Now, the bar has been raised and assets flow only when investors trust the manager and fully understand the investment philosophy, strategy and process.

Every contact between an asset manager and an investor or consultant either builds or erodes trust. Chestnut’s principals have broad and deep capital markets knowledge and experience and are adept at crafting well-researched, high-level investor relations programs that inspire investor confidence.

By engaging with Chestnut, your staff is freed up to do what they do best. Your sales and client-service team can focus on recruiting and retaining clients, and portfolio managers can devote their full attention to delivering successful investing strategies. This helps you maximize your resources and do more with your existing team.

Chestnut offers a unique three-step process for our clients:

1. Research
Knowing your clients takes research. We provide candid, unbiased market feedback.  Our research determines the actual investor perceptions and challenges you face, such as:

  • Why did each client really hire you – or not?
  • Why didn’t that consultant call you back?
  • Why did that client really fire you?

2. Strategize
We work with you to collectively establish your marketing objectives, and develop a detailed plan to build the investor trust you need to meet your goals.

3. Implement
We provide a wide range of services to our clients:

  • Developing performance reports
  • Creating and updating marketing materials
  • Tracking and responding to investor questions
  • Train client-facing personnel for most effective messaging

Three Step Process