Implement Best Practices: AM 20/20

Chestnut maintains its expertise on the current concerns of institutional investors via the continual market research we conduct at AM 20/20, our strategic support platform for sales and marketing teams at asset managers.

AM 20/20 members regularly receive actionable insight about the current concerns of institutional investors and consultants, peer best practices, and access to all the other benefits of the AM 20/20 community.  Click here for a summary of AM 20/20 membership, or you can visit the AM 20/20 website for details.

Implementing Best Practices for Chestnut’s Clients

Chestnut ensures our retainer clients implement the latest actionable insights and best practices gleaned from AM 20/20’s ongoing strategic market research for asset managers.  As a result we help our clients:

  • Increase client retention
  • Diagnose and address specific marketing issues
  • Improve their effectiveness in the marketplace
  • Create more effective investor materials, including RFPs, DDQs, white papers and marketing presentations